International Trial Watch


Income received

In order to achieve its objectives, International Trial Watch has been fully financed with donations from members of the public. In total, € 169,581.33 have been received from 4,466 donations from 2,741 different donors.

Expenses incurred

The total cost of the project has been € 168,395.11 and has been broken down into 4 categories:

  • Travel and stay of observers;
  • Communication expenses of the project;
  • Human resources necessary for logistics, preparation of reports and economic management; and
  • Contracted services of translation, auditing, bank commission and others.

Total project expenses are directly linked to project execution. The items can be seen in more detail in the following table.

The difference between the € 169,581.33 received and the € 168,395.11 spent amounts to € 1,185.22. This amount is kept in case the platform has any expenses during 2020. In January 2021 anything left will be donated.


Travel expenses

Travel and stay expenses of national, international and European observers. Travel and stay expenses of coordinators from the platform accompanying observers during the trial. Transport, hotels, subsistence and travel.

€ 57,507.19 (34 %)

Communication, dissemination and materials

Communication, dissemination and material expenses. Web and domain, report design and general translations, printing, press conferences, videos, photos, dissemination, office supplies, advocacy traveling to Madrid and Geneva, rental of conference rooms and salary of communication staff of the platform.

€ 42,807.91 (25 %)

Logistics staff expenses

Salaries for logistics coordination, daily reports and economic management.

€ 47,877.60 (28 %)

Services, rentals and others

Simultaneous translation, auditing, employment agency, procurator, coworking rentals, and bank and web payment fees

€ 20,202.41 (12 %)


€ 168,395.11