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Access all reports prepared by International Trial Watch in relation to special case 20907/2017.

Preliminary report

When the trial of the special case 20907/2017 of the Supreme Court ended, International Trial Watch prepared a report based that was presented publicly at an event at the CCCB in Barcelona on 9 July 2019, and 16 national and international organizations joined it.

The topic of the report was the trial, although elements derived from the investigation phase and the prospective investigations that began in 2015 were taken into account. The considerations resulting from the observation were grouped into two blocks: those referring to the substantive aspects of the case and those related to procedural aspects.

Shadow report

In July 2019, the Shadow Report was also presented to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights for consideration in the framework of the Universal Periodic Review of Spain, which took place on 22 January 2020. The communication presented by International Trial Watch in the form of a Shadow Report was included in the joint communication JS18 of the summary published by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on civil society communications.

Assessment of the judgement

After analysing in detail judgement 459/2019 of the Supreme Court of 14 October 2019, International Trial Watch made public in an event in Madrid its factual-legal assessment of the judgement.

The assessment concludes that the proceedings and the judgement violate the following principles and rights: principle of legality in criminal law, right to liberty, freedom of expression, freedom of ideology, right to peaceful assembly and the free exercise of representative public office, as well as the right to due process and with all guarantee.

Compilation of reports by international observers

Some of the international observers who participated in the observation of the trial prepared reports based on their experience that were collected in this document.