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The Trial

The trial of the special case 20907/2017 started on 12 February and finished on 12 June 2019. There were a total of 52 sessions before the Spanish Supreme Court..

The Supreme Court had the Judge Manuel Marchena Gómez as President and included the Judges Andrés Martínez Arrieta, Juan Ramón Berdugo Gómez de la Torre, Luciano Varela Castro, Antonio del Moral García, Andrés Palomo Del Arco and Ana María Ferrer García.

The case included 12 defendants:

  • Leaders of the Catalan civil society: Jordi Cuixart (President of Òmnium Cultural) and Jordi Sánchez (Former president of Assemblea Nacional Catalana and Member of the Parliament)
  • Members of the Catalan Government: Oriol Junqueras (Vice-president and Regional Minister of Economy and the Treasury), Joaquim Forn (Regional Minister of Interior), Raül Romeva (Regional Minister of Foreign Affairs, Institutional Relations and Transparency), Jordi Turull (Regional Minister of the Presidency and spokesman for the Government), Josep Rull (Regional Minister of Land and Sustainability), Dolors Bassa (Regional Minister of Work, Social Affairs and Families), Meritxell Borràs (Regional Minister of Governance, Public Administration and Housing), Carles Mundó (Regional Minister of Justice), Santiago Vila (Regional Minister of Business and Knowledge).
  • Bureau of the Parliament: Carme Forcadell (President of the Parliament)

In relation to the prosecution, in the trial there were three different prosecutions: the Prosecutor’s Office, the Solicitor General of the State and the People’s Prosecution represented by the political party VOX.

There were 52 sessions of the trial: 2 were dedicated to preliminary issues, 1 to preliminary issues and cross-examination, 4 to cross-examination, 37 to witness evidence, 2 to witness evidence and expert evidence, 3 to documentary evidence, 2 to final conclusions and 1 to final conclusions and final statements of the defendants.

Preliminary issues

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Cross-examination of defendants

Highlights of the cross-examination of all 12 defendants and the relevant sessions of the trial


Witness evidence

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Expert and documentary evidence

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Conclusions and reports

Highlights of the final conclusions and reports of the prosecutions and the defendants